Saturday, December 05, 2020

Crampton Critical Reading

1.) There are not any cartography/GIS books that discuss cultural/political/social geography.

2.) Cartography and mapmaking are no longer the same things.

3.) Mapping can be used for both corrupt and pure purposes.



1.) For the assertion that cartography/GIS books lack a discussion of cultural/political/social geography, Crampton chose to bring up different specific texts that were absent from what currently exists.  This evidence supported his argument in a somewhat base level way as it only brought to light what wasn’t there and nothing very specific was cited we just had to take Crampton’s word for it.  However, this was an important point to make because it created a need for Crampton’s book and made the reader feel lucky to have access to all this information that was previously unavailable.  This claim served to entice the reader to continue reading and to make them aware of the lack of information readily available regarding GIS and cartography.

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