Saturday, December 05, 2020

Freewrite (Sometime October)

What do we want to further dive into in this class? I want to look more in this course at maps from other cultures. More specifically, do they have different definitions of what a map is? How do their maps differ from ours visually? Do they read maps differently? Do maps perhaps reveal similarities between our cultures that we might have overlooked? It’s possible isn’t it? I wonder what culture was the first to start mapping and why they started to do so, what was the purpose of their maps and is it still the purpose today. I’m not just thinking about different cultures like that of America vs. that of India. I also want to consider the cultures of different cities. How is Los Angeles different from New York. On a map in Los Angeles you might see different forms of transportation noted than you would in NYC, what does that tell us about the way that people get around these cities? What does it reveal about the city itself and the life within it. There are many different things for us to uncover and discover. AHHHHH I am taking too many classes this semester. 8 classes is too many classes. 4 8ams is too many 8 ams I thought that i was being smart about not taking on too much work but i wasn’t i am so overloaded and I have a job now and i have rehearsals now and i am so screwed now ohmygod. Im fine 🙂

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