Saturday, December 05, 2020

Maps Creative Writing

2,720 miles

It didn’t seem so bad but it is too far for her sometimes

now and then the distance breaks her heart

but it does not change

2,720 miles away is a home

2,720 miles away is everlasting sunshine

2,720 miles away are her friends, family, the loves of her life

Now and then she pulls up the map,

how long, I wonder, would it take me to drive?

How long would it take me by plane? 

If I walked?  If I ran?

The map shows the distance in all its aching glory

It confuses her

There is so much space between

her      and      there

her      and      them

her      and      home

2,720 miles of space suggests distance and disconnect but she still feels so close to it all

Some mornings she wakes up and forgets where she is,

In that golden moment between consciousness and waking

as her mind flutters to life and her eyes remain closed she can see it all:

her room and her books

her photos and clothes

she tries to hear the sound of footsteps down the hall

or the coffee maker dripping in the kitchen

but reaching for these memories forces reality to intervene 

2,720 miles

It feels farther than you think it will

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