Thursday, October 29, 2020

Moving Stories

Last Saturday I attended the Muhlenberg Theatre and Dance Department’s Moving Stories performance.  The show featured student choreographed pieces as well as one faculty choreographed piece.  The show was entirely performed by students and ran for just under two hours.  The biggest thing that I took away from attending the performance was a better understanding of how different dance techniques can work together and build off of each other.  I am currently taking both ballet and jazz and my class work has been pretty solely one technique or the other.  However, Moving Stories allowed me to see ways in which both styles can coexist within the same piece and I was then able to see more clearly the ways in which the technique of the styles overlap. 

Despite the significant takeaways regarding style, the most impactful part of the evening for me was getting to see friends and peers through a different lens.  As a performer, I always enjoy seeing people do what they are passionate as I truly believe that it lets you see them in another light and get to know them better.  Even for people that I really didn’t know that well and just have one or two classes with, I felt a greater connection to them and respect for their work.  All in all, I really enjoyed Moving Stories and I look forward to seeing more performances from the Muhlenberg Theatre and Dance Department in the near future!

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