Saturday, December 05, 2020

Peer Review!

Kristin:  I loved Kristen’s writing about the Allentown Public Library.  Specifically I appreciated the sentence: “What the Trexler Library lacks, the Allentown Public Library has, and what the Allentown Public Library lacks, the Trexler Library has” because I felt that it got right to the point and summed up the contrast between the two pretty well.

Owen:  Owen’s website had a lot of different things that jumped out at me, from my interesting titles and visuals to strong descriptive language throughout.  One line that specifically drew my attention was in his piece Art “The squares are worn down and old, and eventually I’m worn out of trying to figure it out.” here I found Owen’s use of the word worn twice very effective in illustrating ways in which the art impacted him and the duality that might exist between him and the art.

Will: Obviously the giant pink shrimp thing stood out to me, but beyond that one piece of writing that I really enjoyed was reading his paraphrases.  The way that he was able to reform and mold the words and pull out new ideas and meaning was really cool to read.

Brandon: Brandon’s blog is very relatable from the title “My Journey From a Bad Writer to a Mediocre Writer” to his Haikus about the probably racist cartographers and the shared confusion of GIS.  The reason that I think his blog works so well is that his voice as an author comes through very clearly yet his writing is still very strong, making it an enjoyable read!

Fran:  Similarly to Brandon’s blog I feel that Fran’s personality really comes through on her website which makes it very engaging to interact with.  For example the Mamma Mia soundtrack is boldly featured on the front page and provides the warm welcome that only ABBA can.  Another example is in her library writing piece where she talks about the different “vibes” of the APL and Trexler.



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