Saturday, December 05, 2020

Turchi Summaries

Page 41 Summaries:

1.) As humans and as artists we challenge ourselves by attempting to fill the blanks in the world.  We strive to make our mark and make sure that it is the correct mark.  We critique and correct our marks so much that we often forget to look at what is being communicated by the blank space.  Our desire to create and fill the space comes from both unfullfllment and inspiration given to us by the work around us. Anything we create is inescapably tainted (or inspired) by the work we have already consumed.  And often we find that our work, no matter how important or good it may be, pales in comparison to our expectation of it.  Somehow the blank space is much more exciting than anything we could ever fill it with.  Blank space represents possibility and inspires endless imagination.  As soon as we actually set pen to paper, our imagination is bound to the lines we have drawn and our excitement lessens as our frustration grows.  We are overly critical of our own work and find ourselves censoring our ideas more often than not.  It is our own minds that hold us the most captive and it is blank space that provides us with the greatest excitement and opportunity.

2.) Blank space provides us with unlimited possibility.  We try to make our mark there and yet nothing beats the possibility/inspiration of a blank space.

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